Snapchat works in a location function 

The application is looking for new options to make a difference with its strong competition, Instagram Stories.

You are now working on two new features called “Status” and “Passport” functions that would allow users to provide more details about their location.

Such functions have been discovered by engineer Jane Manchung Wong and it was she who published the catches in her Twitter account.

Snapchat already has a function called “Snap Map”, with which you can show the location, as well as see the one of your contacts if you had it activated.  However, it did not offer accurate information about the site you are in or what you are doing in it.

In this sense, they are working on the new “State” function, which will allow you to specify where you are (a restaurant, museum, etc.) and say what you are doing, similar to other geolocation applications like Foursquare.

“Now you can share where you are or what you’re doing. Your status will only be visible to the friends you share your location with, “describes the function.

Also, Snapchat prepares the function “Passport”, which seeks to keep track of the places you’ve been and will only be visible to you.

However, it is not a secret that the app that a moment was a boom, has been lost users since Instagram Stories was created.