Sony launches the MASTER series with two unique 4k HDR models


Sony announced two new TVs that offer unprecedented image quality through the use of multiple solutions and technologies integrated with the new generation X1 Ultimate image processor.

The new A9F and Z9F arrive as part of the MASTER series, a name that Sony exclusively reserves for their Premium TV models with the highest image quality. The aim of Sony is to create a television capable of reproducing images that faithfully convey the intention of the creators. As such, the image quality of the MASTER series is similar to that of the professional level monitors of cinematographic production studios.

Taking into account that the most experienced image quality engineers developed and followed a series of strict product evaluation criteria, Sony is confident that the MASTER series offers the highest possible quality of images in a product for the Home.

Both A9F and Z9F come equipped with the new generation X1 Ultimate image processor, which plays a vital role in delivering faithful images in both series. Thanks to a long history and great experience in the development of professional cameras and monitors, Sony knows that precision in the elaboration of professional-level components and that expertise has an immediate result of a visible difference in the final image.

The X1 Ultimate processor can intelligently detect and analyze each object in the image through the new Sony object-based Super resolution (object-based Super resolver) to deliver exceptional precision and detail. In addition, the object-based HDR remaster (Object-based remastered HDR) has notable improvements and now allows each object to be remastered individually to provide greater depth, precise texture and more realistic images.

4k TV HDR A9F OLED MASTER series (65 “and 55” models) 

  • OLED screen with Pixel Contrast booster.
  • Features the X1 Ultimate image processor to deliver the ultimate 4k HDR viewing experience.
  • Acoustic Surface Audio creates an integral sound field from three actuators and two side subwoofers, which greatly enhances the viewing experience.
  • It features Netflix calibrated mode that plays the creators ‘ vision directly on the TV.
  • Compatible with Calmon Professional level calibration.
  • Vibrant Colors thanks to the triluminos screen, enhanced to provide greater color accuracy. 

LCD TV HDR 4k Z9F MASTER series (75 “and 65” models) 

  • Features X1 Ultimate Image Processor to provide maximum 4k HDR viewing experience.
  • Has X-Wide Angle to minimize color change when viewing the off-axis screen.
  • Features full-range LED backlight for ultra-high contrast.
  • X-Motion Clarity It makes the scenes of great action clear and smooth.
  • Features Netflix calibrated mode that plays the creators ‘ vision directly to the TV.
  • Compatible with Calman Professional level calibration.
  • Includes X-tended Dynamic Range PRO to produce better contrast when accurately balancing the light output on the screen, attenuating some areas and improving others.
  • Vibrant Colors thanks to the triluminos screen, enhanced to provide color accuracy.

The new Master series Z9F Television will be available for Latin America in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Central America. The A9F OLED model will only be available in Mexico.