Sony presents the “The step to the best quality” campaign


Committed to society and the environment, for the third consecutive year Sony presents the campaign “the step to the best quality” which seeks to reduce the impact of Tecnobasura in the environment and support Mexican society.

Through this campaign Sony invites the public to bring their old TVs and minicomponentes of any brand and model to Sony stores, Liverpool and French factories nationwide. In return, you will receive a discount coupon that you can use to purchase a new Bravia TV or Sony one Box audio equipment.

With this Sony seeks to educate users on the importance of consuming technology responsibly and dispose of waste properly that can be dangerous to the environment.

According to figures from the United Nations University, Mexico ranks second in Latin America in the production of electronic waste in the world, of which only 10% is recycled under environmental protection policies. Therefore it is important to develop and execute specific actions according to the characteristics of each electronic device, as it is not the same as the treatment of a video game console, a computer, audio equipment or a TV when they end their useful life.

The recovered equipment, televisions and minicomponentes, are analyzed to see if they still have useful life, in the case that they are no longer functional, they enter a process of recovery of components to be reused or confined; But if they still work, they suited to be donated to institutions, this year to Fundación Jorge Vergara who will use them in their programs to support vulnerable communities across the country.