Sony showed at the CES its strength in AI and robotics


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics are being included in the projects developed by the popular technological company Sony, which showed its strengths in both areas at the CES scenario in Las Vegas.

Since 2016 Sony announced that they would seek to combine its existing strengths in areas such as technology on video, audio, sensors and mechatronics, with AI, robotics, communication and other elements to offer new proposals.

Since then, the company has been making progress in multiple projects in these areas.Such is the case of Aibo, an autonomousrobot made for entertainment that ‘techlovers’ will surely fall in love with its functions.

On the other hand, Sony invites gamers to enjoy a new PlayStation®VR virtual reality experience from the world of “TheLastGuardian”. The adventure and action game shows the link between a small child and a colossal mysterious creature called Trico.

Among the other innovative products that Sony unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are the highcapacity image sensors, that give cars the gift of sight.In this new demonstration shows the possibilities of contributing to the arrival of fully autonomous driving.As the demand increases for technology that allows cars to detect their surroundings in a 360 degrees view during various driving situations, Sony’s advanced image sensor technology can capture information about the car’s environment faster and more accurately than the human eye.

Everything that Sony brought to the CES offers a look into the future and the connection that  the man will have with technology.