Sony unveils at CES 2019 its latest products

Sony Corporation will showcase its new products at CES’s 2019 edition in Las Vegas, Nevada, beginning Tuesday, January 8 (local time).

President and CEO of Sony Corporation, Kenichio Yoshida, participated in the Sony press conference on Monday, January 7, where he mentioned that “Sony is a creative entertainment company. At Sony, we partner with content creators in charge of music, movies, television series and video games that attract billions of eyes, ears and minds around the world. We want to demonstrate how Sony’s professional-level technologies allow the creators of the entertainment industry to produce incredible content. You will also see how our consumer products connect with both creators and users, allowing them to enjoy content of the highest quality possible. ”

He also commented that the “communities of interest”, which are people who share interests, values and similar experiences, are created around our entertainment content and hardware products like PlayStation ® and digital lens cameras Interchangeable α. To finish his presentation, he said that “with our technology, Sony also seeks to provide the best entertainment experience to fans and fill this world with emotion.”

The next to go on stage were Tom Rothman (President, Film Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and Kristine Belson (President, Sony Film Animation, SPE) to talk about the imperative that they are a good content and durable IP, in Add to the best technologies to meet Sony’s vision. They continued to describe how Sony technologies and products help to make the vision of the creators come true. They then gave examples of how Sony’s CineAlta camera VENICE and a full frame α9 mirrorless camera were used to create TV series and movies and also emphasized the new line of TVs Sony BRAVIA ® MASTER series that allows users to view content as conceived by the creators.

Rob Stringer (CEO, Sony Music Entertainment), also took the stage to talk about the “Lost In Music” brand campaign as an example of how to combine music with the latest Sony technologies. He then announced that Sony will give the lovers new musical experiences with 360 (THREE SIXTY) Reality Audio.


Demonstration of main products and prototypes 

The Sony stand is made up of various areas, such as “Visual Entertainment”, “Music Entertainment”, “α” and “PlayStation”. Each zone showcases Sony’s efforts and products that connect users to creators through the latest in hardware and technology, and provides the ultimate entertainment experience for customers. At the center of the stand a stage has been placed. There, special sessions and video presentations will take place several times a day to emphasize the artistic intent of several content creators (including Grammy Award winning sound engineers and professional photographers, among others). These presentations will cover topics as examples of creators ‘ content developed with the use of the latest Sony products and their creative process.


Visual Entertainment

On the stand will be available the new BRAVIA ® line with its models Z9G 8k LCD and A9G 4k OLED MASTER SERIES. Sony’s MASTER series TVs represent the pinnacle of quality imagery available at home, due to the ability to faithfully display the images that give life to the content in the way its creators conceived it. MASTER Series is the name given only to the best Sony TVs which provide image quality, color, contrast and premium clarity that resembles that of a professional level monitor. In addition, MASTER series TVs feature the Netflix calibrated and IMAX enhanced mode to ensure that the content can be visualized the way it was created.

The Z9G BRAVIA MASTER series (98 “/85”), Sony’s first 8k LCD TV, features next-generation X1 Ultimate Image processor equipped with an 8k ultra-resolution algorithm database, allowing 8k X-Reality PRO to convert and enhance any Content at resolution 8k. In addition, Sony’s unique, enhanced Backlight Master Drive technology features a newly developed LED module and an 8k-optimized control algorithm.

The combination of these technologies gives life to images with high resolution and great contrast in a spectacular way. To live the sound-from-Picture Reality experience, the new Acoustic Multi-Audio in Z9G uses four front speakers — two at the bottom, two at the top — to provide a faithful sound position. Viewers will hear how the sound is emitted from the screen and not from where the speaker is located. Also, Z9G has the TV Center speaker mode for people who have home theater, where the TV becomes the central horn. In addition, another element that enhances the sound experience is Dolby Atmos * 1, which adds a wide and extraordinary sound field (* 1 software update required).

The new A9G 4k OLED BRAVIA series MASTER (77 “/65″/55 “) insignia is about half the thickness of previous models when mounted on the wall, integrating seamlessly into any environment. Integrated with the X1 Ultimate processor, this television has a unique Pixel Contrast booster control Technology, which it faithfully plays any image, from the deepest blacks to the brightest colors with incredible sharpness. In addition to Acoustic Surface Audio technology that emits sound from the screen itself by harmonizing image and sound to live a high quality immersive experience and the Center Speaker mode the TV is compatible with Dolby Atmos ®, the latest audio format.

These TVs feature the Netflix calibrated mode, which allows you to enjoy a wide variety of Netflix entertainment exactly the way the creators conceived it. In addition, they are part of the IMAX ® Enhanced certification program that is the result of collaboration between Sony engineers with IMAX, DTS ® and content creators that faithfully deliver the vision and intent of the creators.


Música Entertainment 

Leveraging the collaboration between Sony artists and technologies, the company announced 360 reality audio, a new musical experience that creates “sound fields” that make listeners feel immersed in sound from all directions. This new experience will give users new ways to enjoy music by adding “full sound quality” possible thanks to high-resolution audio (Hi-Res) and “Superior audio functionality” As evidenced by our acclaimed functionality Noise cancellation.

360 Reality audio is possible through object-based spatial audio technology. You can add distance, angle and other positions to a sound source such as voices, choruses, instruments and others to produce a three-dimensional sound field where you can project different sounds and musical elements from anywhere within a Space of 360 degrees around the listener. This creates a comprehensive and immersive musical experience similar to a live concert. Compatible content will be produced in collaboration with major record labels and is expected to be available through music distribution services.

The Sony stand features a system consisting of 13 speakers and a demonstration with MDR-Z7M2 headphones. A prototype screen for a wireless horn so that attendees can live the experience 360 Reality Audio.

The screen features the Signature Series Hi-Res compatible audio products that leverage Sony’s high-quality audio technology for years, and the latest WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones that feature cancellation technology for Industry-leading noise.

 In response to the artistic intent of photographers and film directors, Sony introduces the full frame mirrorless camera α9 and Α7 series, which allows to express images of new shapes and features a wide variety of specially designed mirror-free lenses, Including G Master, along with professional photographic creations.

Also, with a single mount (E-mount) can span a wide variety of fixed and video cameras, and Sony is also expanding its product lines compatible with a wide variety of specially designed lenses. On display will be the digital camera with interchangeable lens α (compatible with E-mount lenses that support full frame and APS-C size image sensors, camcorder with XDCAM memory and professional camera for CineAlta VENICE cinema.

Sony seeks to further refine the 5 basic capabilities and functions of a mirror-free camera (lens, image quality, speed, battery life, and compact and lightweight size). At the stand, we have placed several demonstration corners where visitors themselves can experience these 5 basic functions and enjoy a unique experience available through α, including support functions for professionals such as high-speed, high-performance AF and Eye-AF functionality. Visitors can also photograph and record choreographies and presentations in the booth’s special studio.

In addition to the above, the stand will also play an informative video on self-management in the future that is possible thanks to Sony automotive image sensors, as well as the entertainment robot “Aibo”, which was launched in the U.S. in September 2018.