Spotify returns to Roku

Roku Inc (NASDAQ: Roku) announced that Spotify is again available on the company’s streaming player platform.

The transmission service of most popular music of the world makes its long awaited return to Latinoamércia through the players Roku Express and Roku Streaming Stick available locally.

From the date, Roku device users will be able to use the service to search for albums and playlists to enjoy and find music recommendations from Spotify directly on their player. Spotify allows you to discover, manage and share more than 40 million songs for free. Users can also choose Spotify Premium to access exclusive features such as Spotify Connect, better sound quality, and a user experience without ads.

Users will be able to open Spotify and navigate the channel using a Roku remote control and, for Premium users, via Spotify Connect, which allows you to control the channel at Roku using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, it is possible to incorporate Spotify directly through the Roku Channel Store or into the “music” category from each Roku device.

In Panama Spotify will be available in streaming Roku players – Models 3600 onwards. Additionally, at the international level, Spotify will disembark on a variety of devices Roku and Roku TV.