Spotify will present its new app next week


The competition is always good for the market, and Spotify can not fall asleep in his leadership and let his main rival-Apple Music-advance.

Although the service of Apple is still far, is growing, and so Spotify has prepared several innovations to continue differentiating and stay on top of preferences worldwide.

Spotify will have an event on April 24th, announcing new developments on the future of its mobile app, with changes affecting both paid subscribers and users using the free version of the service.

Confirmed that the mobile app will be the focus, we have to speculate on what will be the novelties, being able to be linked to the control through the voice and changes in the user interface.

It is also rumored that Spotify would present its first hardware product, with an intelligent speaker between the possibilities.

On April 24th we will know what Spotify has been working on during this time.