Spotify will suggest concerts and festivals according to the music you listen to


Thanks to Spotify, find concerts and festivals with the groups and the music you like will be easier than ever. The company has partnered with Festicket, the company behind the famous ticket-selling platform, to develop a new tool integrated directly into the application called Festival Finder, which will suggest to users concerts and festivals based In the music they listen to.

The tool in question will require the user to connect their Spotify account to Festicket, so that they can collect data on the favorite music and then recommend concerts and festivals.

Once logged in, Festival Finder will begin to function automatically, collecting data from the user to later show the next 10 festivals or concerts whose protagonists match the theme of the event. In addition, you will be able to purchase tickets without having to leave the application.

Festival Finder is designed to help Festicket solve the problem of detection. I mean, you know what music you like, but you may not be familiar with all the music festivals around the world, and even if you do, it can be difficult to keep track of their respective lists.

Of course, once you discover a new or upcoming festival you like, Festicket allows you to book tickets and other things like accommodation and travel. There is also a waiting list feature to alert you when tickets are available for festivals that take place up to a year away. The company’s broader goal is to make attending a festival as easy as booking a holiday package.

From Festicket ensure that in the beginning, users of Spotify will have at your disposal about 1,000 events to attend, but with the passage of weeks will be adding many more. The Festival Finder tool will begin to be available very soon for Spotify users around the world.