Stan the Man’s legacy to science and technology

The world continues to mourn the death of one of the most important leaders of the 21st century. Stanley Martin-Eber, better known as Stan Lee, died at the age of 95 years. He was the creator of most of the heroes and villains of dozens of cinematic successes.

“Their fluency in science and technology is a big part of their superpower,” said Avengers co-director: Infinity War, Anthony Russo, in March. “That is a fundamental part of their identity and who they are.”

It is impossible to know how many scientists and technologists, programmers and futurists, real people who have made real advances for the good of all humanity, were influenced by Lee’s threads

Born before Edwin Hubble discovered the expanding universe, he finally created an expanding universe of his own; Superheroes with scientific knowledge like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron man and Black Panther made way for Lee’s path in science and technology that every day progresses more, and that for years, with his fictional characters, Marvel’s visionary, was Showing the development of these areas through their creations.