Super Coco: Xiaomi electric bike with front camera and WiFi


Xiaomi launched “Super Soco”, an electric bike that reaches 120 kilometers and has several intelligent functions and includes a Full HD front camera with 138 degrees angular to record any possible accident and also has WIFI connection.

The mobile application that connects via WiFi and allows to know usage data (such as distance traveled), battery capacity, and even the location of the bike as an anti-theft measure.

The most economical super Soco reaches 80 kilometers of autonomy and costs about 770 dollars, while the top model, the 120 kilometers of autonomy, will cost almost 1,160 dollars.

However, there is an intermediate for 950 dollars, which offers a hundred kilometres of autonomy, although their independence will depend on the use they give. All motorcycles have a LED headlamp on the front, as well as an electric brake system consisting of discs on both wheels and an assistant that reduces the braking distance. Recharging takes a total of 7 hours, as indicated by its responsible.