Telegram already has animated stickers

The application in its version 5.9 update for Android offers a great novelty and is that they have added to the options of its users the animated stickers.
It is worth noting that this messaging application was one of the most driving the use of stickers and continuing to advance and provide new features.

All you need to start using them is to have the version 5.9 available on your android and you will find the packages available. Of course, you can also create your own.

According to Telegram, animated stickers play at 60 fps. In addition, a number of requirements have been established that need to be met when using them.

In this sense, it is important to know them, here are some requirements:

– The size of the stickers must always be 512 x 512 pixels

– The animation can be maximum three seconds

– The maximum weight is 60 KB

– Moving objects cannot stand out from the available space