Teradata helps understand business relationships through art


Understanding relationships, connectivity and the general perspective hidden within the company’s own data can be a reliable signal to increase profitability. Whether it’ll be detecting fraud, preemptively discovering manufacturing failures or simplifying the customer’s journey. Today’s leading corporations use their data as a strength and an advantage in the market to achieve their business results.

Teradata, the leading analytical solutions company, provides the analytical support and industry knowledge needed to solve these critical business problems maintain competitiveness and grow.

As companies recognize that analytics are critical for business success, those interested and the desire to obtain the information that generates such drastic changes have extended beyond the professionals in advanced analytics. Reaching out to marketing professionals, high level executives and other leadership teams.

One of the most creative ways that Teradata uses to facilitate conversations between these contrasting groups within the same organization is through visualizations with artistic value. That with creativity represent valuable information through the application of advanced multigenerational analytical techniques.

Teradata’s Art of Analytics initiative is an open program for all its clients: transforms analytical findings into attractive and illuminating visual representations that exhibit the causal relationships within the data, what makes it simpler for stakeholders to identify patterns that provide viable solutions to real business problems.

Teradata data scientists can use their great business knowledge, creativity and analytical experience to turn cases of use into works of art.