The Apple Park burned to know the new iphone Xs and Xs Max

The Apple Park burned to make public the iphone Xs and the iphone Xs Max, ‘ smartphones ‘ that will revolutionize the users of the brand of the Apple.


The Core ML system engineering of the iphone Xs and the iphone Xs Max will work eight times faster than the iphone X, the latest device released by Apple.


As for the IPhone Xs could be known to have the best super Retina system has been made so far, with 5 ‘ 8 “within the measures. You can watch movies, photos, with an improvement of the HDR that has the IPhone X.

Battery life. The battery of the iphone XS will last thirty minutes more than the iphone X, but is that the iphone Xs Max will last an hour and a half more than the iphone X.


During the launch event, a video encumbered with the new IPhone Xs shows how the sound of the phone collects all the sound, either ambient or main. It’s amazing the resolution you have.

Also, Phill Schiller when talking about the camera of the IPhone Xs and how revolutionary it will become, he catalogued it as “the New Age of photography”.


The new camera has 12 megapixels of amplitude to capture the moment in the picture and the resolution has 7 megapixels. It has an advanced image sensor with an image processor.

As for the IPhone Xs Max, you can say that is the same Xs, but with a larger screen and more resolution.

Both phones will have the ability to have two SIM cards in a single device. This implies that two numbers, the staff and the work can be combined, for example.


They also feature the new feature, ‘ Smart HDR ‘. What’s he doing? Basically it automatically retouches your photos taken with this function.

Both XSs and Xs Max are a fairly modest update, but much faster.


The new iphones also go with the first chip of 7 nanometers: it is called A12 Bionic, which replaces the A11 bionic. The new chip has 8 cores, allowing you to process faster, the artificial intelligence that manages both the Face ID and the camera as the other sensors.