The Apple streaming service could include content from Partners

Apparently Apple’s video streaming service is on track. Although there is no confirmed information, everything points to the company announcing the novelty at a press conference in Cupertino on March 25.

Apple will probably share some teasers on the stage, but the launch line would mainly feature third-party content. You’re probably talking to everyone, but many premium cable channels still have to decide on Apple’s broadcast service.

Such is the case of HBO, Showtime and Starz have to decide before Friday if they want to be part of the launch. It is unclear whether Apple will present part or all of the content of those partners. Many of them already have a streaming service on their own, and you can access their libraries from the TV application on your Apple TV or iOS device.

Apple could optimize the experience by allowing you to subscribe to several content packages on your own streaming service. Amazon already provides something similar with Amazon Prime Video channels. Netflix and Hulu are likely to remain independent services as they compete directly with Apple’s original content effort.

When it comes to the other Apple AD, the company should also disclose its Apple News subscription on March 25th. Apple acquired Texture last year and has been working on a subscription to a digital magazine for a while.