The best from Canon at the CES is on exhibition at the #16206 stand


Until this Friday the doors of the CES 2018, the highest technology event in the world, will be open. And in which Canon, the leading camera company, exhibits its best equipment at the #16206stand.

From the stage in Las Vegas, the president of the company, Chris Crowley spoke about Canon’s vision in developing the MACHCAM120. A 120 megapixel camera that is being designed for high resolution and artificial vision scanning applications.

It was known that a device that has a 35mm fullframe CMOS sensor, was also brought to the CES. With an equivalent sensitivity of over 4,000,000 ISO, that allows you to capture videos almost in the dark.

With this new technology, Canon takes a big step in the field of filming, making able tocapture scenes that take place in very low light environments.

In the same way, the new Canon lenses are ideal for fans to capture incredible moments in sports stadiums around the world.