The keys that HyperX delivers to choose the most appropriate RAM

A component that plays an important role in the performance of your PC is RAM. How does it work?

The GPU or CPU requests access to disk information, the RAM temporarily stores this information so that the processor can read and process it. Go! All of this happens in less than a fraction of a second.

The RAM (random access memory) is the intermediary between the storage disk, which we expect is a HyperX SSD, and the processor.

All this process makes your computer the perfect gaming system that is today, or in some other cases the perfect task and file processing machine.

In view of this, HyperX brings advice to take advantage of the computer and choose the best RAM memory. Don’t forget!

1.-A “mother” always knows: Know what type of memory is correct, is also key to make the most of the motherboard. So, find out which model is compatible with your board and then invest in a good RAM memory.

2.-Pears, apples or peaches: Today the market of memory RAM is gigantic due to the boom of the esports and also the panorama of the digital edition. Thus, many brands have been making their own by making RAM memories (or at least try). What you do not have to do is never mix memories of different brands; The frequency, performance and even compatibility with the motherboard may be in check if you do this.

3.-Voltage: Every component of the PC uses electricity, under this base we have to take into account how much voltage uses the RAM memory. This is within the specifications of the motherboard. Dispensing RAM with the proper amount of voltage is necessary for stability and proper operation.

4.-Slots: The motherboards come with a certain amount of slots for the memories, so before you buy, be sure to follow the above tips and see how many slots there are. It is also important to note that, thanks to Dual-Channel technology, the RAM memories work better when they go from 2 or 4. So yes, they can be happy the 4; two 4GB cards work better than an 8GB and 4 cards 4GB work much better than 2 of 8GB.

5.- CPU and architecture: this is a very important point, as you know there are two CPU architectures; 32 and 64 bits. The issue is that a 32-bit CPU only let you take advantage of up to 4GB of RAM as maximum. No matter how much memory you have or slots spread you’ve installed. On the other hand, if your CPU is 64-bit you can prepare for a carousel of RAM memories and may significantly increase the amount.

HyperX ® has a range of products that will come as a ring to your computer finger or, rather, as RAM memory to your slot, such as HyperX predator DDR4 or HyperX predator DDR4 RGB.