The Soompi Annual Awards will include a new category of awards, #TwitterBestFandom

Twitter is the best place for Korean entertainment fans to know what’s happening and to join the trending conversations about the latest Kpop and Kdrama events around the world. This year Twitter will support the thirteenth edition of the Soompi Awards (#SoompiAwards), presented by Soompi (@soompi), one of the world’s largest online Korean entertainment communities.

Since 2005, the Soompi Awards have been the platform for fans from all over the world to celebrate the best of Korean entertainment. The last year winners include Lee Min Ho, BTS (@BTS_twt), among others.

The voting period of the Soompi Awards this year is from January 24th until February 21st. Twitter users around the world can participate in the prize talks by adding the hashtag #SoompiAwards to their Tweets. And for the first time, this year’s #SoompiAwards will have their own emoji on Twitter; the symbol of the #SoompiAwards will be used as a design for the official emoji and will appear in the Tweets during the voting period when fans use any of the following hashtags: #SoompiAwards, # 13thSoompiAwards, or # SoompiAwards2018.

This year the awards will have a new category, Twitter Best Fandom (#TwitterBestFandom). Fans can vote for their favorite Kpop stars during two separate 24 hour periods. The first voting period begins at 8 pm on January 27th and ends at 8 pm on January 28th (local time), while the second voting period begins at 8 pm on February 3rd and ends at 8 pm on February 4th (local time).

Fans can vote for their favorite groups and / or Kpop artists by writing the hashtag #TwitterBestFandom along with the team hashtag: #Team (name of the group). For example, to vote for BTS (@BTS_twt), fans should tweet #TwitterBestFandom #TeamBTS. To vote for Rain (@ 29rain), fans will have to Tweet #TwitterBestFandom #TeamRAIN.

Soompi (@soompi) will give away special boxes of Twitter Best Fandom which will include signed discs and photos, as well as gifts from the Twitter brand. For 20 lucky winners among the voters of #TwitterBestFandom. The emoji for the hashtag #TwitterBestFandom will have a star shaped design in the blue color that distinguishes Twitter.

Anyone who likes Korean entertainment can share their love for their favorite Kpop and Kdrama stars of the #SoompiAwards awards on Twitter. They can also use the hashtags #SoompiAwards and #TwitterBestFandom to vote for their favorite Kpop artists during one of the most outstanding Korean entertainment community awards of the year.