Tinder, Spotify o Airbnb Tinder, Spotify o Airbnb they were hit by massive hacking to Facebook

The massive cyber-attack that recently received Facebook, affected the operation of other linked social networks, as reported by some users of these applications.

50 million people have been affected in what may be the biggest hack on Facebook: Last Friday, the technology firm of Silicon Valley revealed that it had detected a security breach in which an attacker, or attackers, still unknown, managed to access Tens of millions of user accounts by exploiting vulnerabilities in your software.

But it was not until a second conference that Facebook recognized one of the most alarming parts of the incident: not only Accededieron to the Facebook accounts of affected users, but also were able to enter any other service whose Registration requires the Facebook account, including applications such as Tinder, Spotify and Airbnb. Also Instagram, owned by Facebook, may also have been affected.

Revelation dramatically expands the potential impact of crime, putting other people’s private information at risk on the web. You can force the many major companies and startups that rely on Facebook’s logon service to audit their own systems to detect evidence of malicious activity as a result.

According to Bussines Insider, the attackers found a way to deceive Facebook so that they issue access tokens, which are basically digital keys that would allow them to access the accounts of other users as if they were that user.