TrackCare InterSystems for mobile devices allows better decision-making in Health


InterSystems, a world leader in health information technology, Anuncióque the unified clinical Information System InterSystems TrakCare ® added an interface Touch-screen Mobile user to optimize the use experience, along with other enhancements that support better decision making for healthcare.

TrakCare’s mobile-enabled user interface supports electronic medical record (EMR) workflows and provides accurate, context-rich information, when and where needed. Clinical notes can be created with just a few steps, images and barcodes captured through the camera, as well as additional information recorded through voice applications.

Using mobile devices at the point of care can help doctors and nurses make better decisions and allows them to capture and access accurate data more easily and quickly. This promotes the adoption of EMR, supports patient safety, accelerates clinical workflows, creates a better patient experience and also allows better decision-making for other clinicians.

InterSystems worked closely with practicing physicians to redefine EMR best practices and create mobile device tasks in the new version of TrakCare, including prescription and Drug Administration, shifts from Nursing and lab results.

United Family HealthCare (HNF), el proveedor de atención médica de inversión extranjera más grande de China, es uno de los primeros en adoptar las nuevas capacidades de TrakCare. “HNF está utilizando las nuevas functionalities móviles de TrakCare para mover la eficiencia en el nuevo hospital Guangzhou United Family”, dijo la Dra. Jenny Shao, Directora de sistemas de información médica de United Family HealthCare. “Patients can do their registration using IPads with the receptionist and this accelerates the admission process.”

Flexible deployment capabilities make it even easier to transition to the touchscreen mobile user interface. Customers can run the TrakCare user interface in parallel with their existing EMR and choose a migration plan that best fits their needs.

The user interface for mobile devices, like all TrakCare features, is 100% web-based, eliminating the need to install and maintain additional software or applications. All users use the same high-performance system, which increases security and reduces overall management costs and total cost of ownership. TrakCare’s flexible deployment options, installed on your device or as an online service, provide additional benefits.

A number of other improvements also support better decision-making for health care: 

With InterSystems TrakCare and HealthShare ® integrated into the same unified medical information platform and sharing the same Clinical Viewer, physicians They can have a coherent view of the patient’s stored data in and out of their EMR, adapted to their devices.

With TrakCare Lab Enterprise deployed as a unified module within TrakCare, physicians have immediate access to test results and backup images from the EMR, wherever they are located.

TrakCare Remote’s new ability enables physicians to work with EMR on a non-Internet access, to support the delivery of health care in isolated regions, and to synchronize changes when they are back in their workplaces.

According to Zebra Technologies ‘ global 2022 Hospital Vision Study Report, the percentage of nurses using mobile devices in care centers will grow from 65 percent in 2017 to 97 percent in 2022. Similar increases are expected in the use of mobile devices between physicians, pharmacists and laboratory technicians.

“More than 20 years ago, InterSystems TrakCare became one of the first web-based medical information systems,” said Christine Chapman, vice president of TrakCare at InterSystems. “With a rich user interface for mobile devices, TrakCare is designed to make better decisions in the mobile era, making it easier for physicians to capture and access data, and manage clinical workflows at the point of care.”