Twitter allows users to appeal violations within their app 

The Social network announced a new feature that will allow users to appeal directly within the application a tweet that violates the rules of Twitter.

When some users post content that violates Twitter’s guidelines, that tweet can be flagged or reported, resulting in a suspension or blocking of the account. Previously, users would have to visit an online form to appeal the Twitter decision.

The accounts can be suspended by a range of activity, including spam, be a false account, security risks (such as accounts hacked) and tweets or abusive behavior, such as sending threats or impersonate other accounts.

According To Twitter, you can now return to people 60 percent faster as a result. The new process involves the social network showing the tweet in violation and the reason it determined that the tweet broke its rules, along with a description of the rule in question and a link to the policy.

An appeal does not immediately restore access to your Twitter account, if it is suspended, you will still have to wait for the Twitter decision. If that lasts too long, you can cancel the appeal again and simply delete the tweet at any time to retrieve access to your account.

Twitter also changed the way it showed the tweets, so people could understand why compliance measures had been taken.