Uber presents scooters and motorcycles Jump 

“Uber is innovating in a new hardware for mobility that is safer and easier for people to choose bicycles and scooters instead of cars,” said Rachel Holt, head of New Mobility of Uber, said in a statement.

The transportation company has revealed its second-generation Jump electric scooter, which will feature larger wheels and better brakes.

Uber showed his new scooter at his third annual elevate conference. The equipment has a new user-changeable battery system for its electric bicycles.

The e-scooter features a completely new brake system, which changes the old thumb brake by a handbrake that stops both wheels. Meanwhile, Uber-based electric bikes will have new battery packs that the user can change.

Last April, Uber partnered with a new anonymous manufacturer to build his second generation of e-scooters. Now you have a lot to gain by building a safer e-scooter, as it aims to grow your “last mile” transportation solution.

Starting June 24th, Jump’s new electric scooters will be deployed in the United States and on the European continent by the end of this summer. On the other hand, the new electric bikes will continue at the end of this year.