Uber’s sprawling ambitions


Uber Technologies Inc has pursued a slew of businesses beyond taxi service to augment growth. Its ambitions run the gamut from motorcycles to flying cars.

Black cars

The original Uber model is a luxury black-car service available at the touch of a mobile app.

Low-cost cars

Uber launched UberX and UberPOP to offer cheaper on-demand rides from casual drivers.


UberPOOL is the company’s carpooling service in which drivers pick up multiple passengers.

Boats and motorcycles

UberBOAT is a water taxi service Uber offers in certain cities, including Istanbul. Uber brought a motorcycle taxi service, UberMOTO, to Asia.


Uber joined the food-delivery business with UberEATS, an app for ordering takeout meals.


UberRUSH is the company’s delivery service for flowers, documents and other parcels.

Car leasing

Uber started a car leasing programme, Xchange Leasing, to entice drivers who don’t own cars to start working for Uber.


Uber for Business is a ride management platform for business managers to keep track of employee rides and organise expenses.

Autonomous driving

Uber started the Advanced Technologies Group to build self-driving car and mapping technology, with offices in San Francisco, Toronto and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Otto, the self-driving truck startup Uber bought in August, and Uber Freight, the newly launched freight brokerage app, make up Uber’s foray into long-haul trucking.

Flying cars

Uber in April announced a plan to develop a network of flying cars by 2020.