Universal ecosystem will convert any everyday object into intelligent

The Spanish company Geeksme is ready to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT) with the presentation at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Universall, a hardware and software platform designed to convert any everyday object into intelligent.

In this way, Universall will allow companies from all sectors to quickly and easily launch products based on IoT. In addition, GEEKSME plans to launch proprietary products based on the universal ecosystem.

Geeksme will offer demos of Universall at the IoT Reference Fair worldwide, adapting Universal to a chair, a door, a mattress, a paddle tennis racket and a helmet. All of them conventional objects become intelligent thanks to the ecosystem, which allows to know how they are used to the detail and to add other variables like the air quality of the environment, the temperature and the humidity.

“The essence of IoT is precisely that everything around us comes to be at the service of humanity, capturing information that helps users and businesses in their day to day,” explained the co-founder of Geeksme, Rodrigo Silva-Ramos.