Veritas and Pure Storage partner to optimize data management in the era of modern intelligence

Veritas Technologies, announced a new global initiative to help customers modernize data protection and maximize the value of their data for Gain a competitive advantage.

Collaboration will enable organizations to securely consolidate current workloads into the unique architecture of the pure Storage data platform, powered by pure storage FlashBlade. With the integration of NetBackup, Veritas’s flagship technology, enterprise data can be shared, protected, and unlocked for unprecedented value.

The announcement implies a relationship between Veritas and Pure Storage that includes the joint adoption of the technologies of each, product improvements, sales and support. Veritas and Pure Storage are committed to providing customers with a simple and cost-effective approach to addressing customer challenges in data management.

Because of the rapid growth and fragmentation of data, companies of all sizes struggle to manage and protect data, and gain knowledge from them. Modern intelligence requires technology that not only stores the data but also can obtain knowledge from the data that have so much potential, which are actually predictive by nature. Today, Veritas and Pure Storage provide data protection and rapid recovery of current workloads, while boosting data analysis and automatic learning.

Pure data platform, built on FlashBlade, centralizes data depots to combine streaming analysis, backups, large unprocessed data deposits, and artificial intelligence clusters (AI) to drive knowledge levels unprecedented. Veritas NetBackup can protect a whole data platform architecture that runs on FlashBlade, and you can also leverage FlashBlade as a backup target, allowing fast recoveries when needed. In addition, Veritas NetBackup, together with Veritas CloudPoint, has integrated with Pure Storage FlashArray, allowing the management of integrated snapshots using the NetBackup console. The consolidation of technologies between the two companies allows AI and automatic learning to be applied in larger and more diverse data sets, generating greater business intelligence that can lead to faster innovation.

“Modern companies need to get value from all data, regardless of where they are stored. A data-platform architecture unifies data silos, making it easy to extract value from large data sets that drive IA, large databases, and IdC, “says Katie Colbert, vice President, Pure Storage alliances.  “By partnering with Veritas, Pure Storage customers will leverage NetBackup’s benefits to protect their valuable data and manage their entire infrastructure with a single unified solution.”