Veritas Backup Exec 20.3 is now available: a backup, for all data

Backup Exec (BE) remains the Premier data protection solution for small and medium businesses, ensuring that business continuity is quick and easy to Use. Be now has improvements that allow companies to protect with GDPR regulations.

It also streamlines data protection and visibility in virtual, physical, and multi-cloud environments.With this new version, they announce that GDPR Guard allows capabilities to block access to certain backup elements that should no longer be viewed or restored. Similarly, they have introduced a support for Windows Server 2019.

Although Microsoft has temporarily paused the distribution of Windows Server 2019, be will be certified with the next release as soon as it is available.The new capabilities of be 20.3 include:

• GDPR Guard-Backup Exec users can block access to certain elements backed up for an organization’s privacy and compliance requirements. You can specify the list of blocked items that should no longer be viewed or restored by Backup Exec.

• Support for Windows Server 2019: Available for Exchange Server 2019 backups and database restores and individual item restoration (GRT) with Exchange Server 2019.

• Backup reentry only for failed resources: back-up Exec users can now retry a failed backup job only for those resources that were failing during the last run.

• Selectively backup virtual machine disks (VMware) — you can choose the virtual disks you want to include or exclude when backing up VMware virtual machines. Only applies with VMware VSphere.

• Support for Alibaba: Alibaba Cloud object Storage Service (OSS) is now supported by Backup Exec Cloud Connector.

You can get the Backup Exec 20.3 solution in Latin America via the OnLine licensing wholesaler, which has the distribution of the brand throughout the region except Venezuela and Central America and the Caribbean. It also distributes other brand solutions and offers training and technical training courses for IT professionals and companies that want to deepen their knowledge of the brand.