Versa: Smartwatch of Fibit controlling the menstrual cycle


Fitbit announced the release of Fitbit versa a smartwatch that controls physical activity and sleep; Although its main novelty is the possibility to incorporate into it an application capable of monitoring the menstrual cycle and serve as a guide for women to plan their family. L Menstrual Cycle

The new application is designed to help users older than 13 years to control their cycle, in turn shows statistics and fertility data. According to a survey conducted, 80% of females do not know how many phases have their cycle, and more than a 70% cannot identify the duration of the same.

It also allows to easily add the data and symptoms related to the menstrual cycle, such as pain, acne and cramps; the app generates predictions and provides information on health status. It also allows to share specific data with physicians so that they can offer the user more personalized medical care.

It also offers dynamic predictions about when the period will come using the new Fitbit algorithm, a system whose precision evolves the more use it is given.

However, provides statistics such as activity, sleep and weight, in order to better manage the level of physical exercise and the need for sleep at certain times of the month.

The first version of the app will be available for Versa and Ioinic models, and later as well as for all Fitbit app users as of May 2018.