ViewSonic increased the business features of its popular Thin Client SC-T25


ViewSonic, Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, announced an upgrade to its hub platform for workspaces, SC-T25 integrated with Citrix ready (previously known as Citrix HDX ready Pi).

Since March 31, 2018, ViewSonic offers the upgrade to the hub for Citrix Ready workspaces with the technical Preview application available for download from This hub has additional features such as: Beacon-based session roaming access to QR code and Citrix Casting.

For its part, Citrix Casting will enable Itineracia roaming sessions without interruption and securely from a mobile device to any monitor connected to the work hub. With these additional tools, and for the first time, a wide variety of new uses can be supported in areas such as health and finance, among other critical markets.

The new hub update for Citrix Ready workspaces allows ViewSonic’s highly-performing high performance SC-T25 to support more compelling business capabilities. Using secure access credentials, using your phone or mobile device, users will be able to connect virtually to their seamless workspaces, based on any nearby and available SC-T25 hub. This will eliminate the need for manual registration and authentication in the working network, providing great time savings and productivity improvements for the health sector, financial analysts and workers of any other type of Corporations.