VTEX and free market partners in eight Latin American countries

VTEX, a global leader in Digital commerce, and free market, a leading technology company in e-commerce and FinTech services, announce a new partnership that will benefit retail stores Operating in mercadolibre.com, as well as those operating on the market platform Pago, the FinTech of the free market group.

The technological integration between the companies will allow a better development of solutions of purchase, sale, payments and collections in the platform VTEX, that at the same time, accelerate and perfect the customer experience in the mercadolibre.com stores that use the VTEX platform. In addition, clients from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru will be benefited with access to discounts of up to 50% in the implementation of VTEX’s Software-as-A-Service (SaaS) technology, in their free market stores.

According to the VP for the Hispanic market of VTEX, Marcos Pueyrredon, the association caters to a need of VTEX’s own customers. “At present, every retailer seeks to provide a unique shopping experience to its consumers. This integration delivers an important added value for stores, with which it was agreed that they will have more resources to personalize and improve the experience they deliver to their users, he says.

Currently, VTEX has about 175 customers operating in mercadolibre.com. The objective is to expand this number by 150%, in addition to generating new business for the company in the Latin American market.