Wearable technology grows and diversifies

Can you imagine having a shirt with which you can measure your heart rate, listen to music and even talk on the phone? It seems incredible, but already several researchers are working to create a garment with which you can carry out your activities without thinking if you left your phone behind or lost your watch.

Smart clothing is a concept that refers to the items to be used in the future thanks to developments in the textile industry and technology. The sportswear seen in the image, use a material that allows the shirt to be used as a touch screen, performing functions such as measuring body temperature, or even connect with mobile applications.

This innovation is being created and will be one of the greatest inventions in wearable technology, just as the shoes or SmartWatch that are already in the market.

Microsoft is working on a smart scarf.

Swarm is a smart scarf that vibrates and emits heat in order to help people with autism and visual or hearing disorders. Microsoft has developed this project within its Research division. The goal is to find wearable technology that could lead unnoticed and at the same time can alleviate some of the difficulties carried by those with autism, visual or hearing disabilities.

Swarm did not want to build a medical device but something that could become a consumer product. The smart scarf is connected to a mobile application and operates on the emotions of the carrier, to help control them.

The scarf has biometric sensors which detect the user’s emotional status, and the vibration mechanisms of heat emission act accordingly. Thus the smart scarf could reassure a person or cheer them up. The smart scarf is composed of modules. These modules vibrate or produce heat, and they all communicate with each other, which in turn transmit and receive information from the smartphone via Bluetooth.

The structure of the smart scarf was developed for a user to place it inside its coat. This way it is not seen, but you can place it so that one end reaches the stomach, allowing the user to apply comforting warmth in this area, while in the neck, soft vibrations  help manage overwhelming emotions.