Westcon–Comstor Americas Services Solutions Announces its new Autoirizado Center for Education in MCA: Veeam


Last June, Veeam announced its partnership with Westcon – Comstor in Central America, Caribbean, Colombia and Chile, with which they ensure that their partners receive the attention, follow-up and services necessary to increase their technological knowledge and increase business opportunities.

Currently Veeam works with Westcon-Comstor as a distributor to market its solutions in Mexico, Brazil and part of the Caribbean, with the aim of promoting the training of the channels, both Platinum and Gold levels, who have as a requirement of the Veeam Propartner program to have a certified engineer in the VMCE course, as well as to promote new channels or channels with less experience in the brand and provide them with the opportunity to improve their knowledge.

In this sense, Veeam appointed Westcon – Comstor as an Authorized training center for Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia and Chile.

Westcon is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the market, recognized not only by the manufacturers, but also by the channels. His line of education is responsible for teaching the content of the courses of the different manufacturers and offering a complete training plan if the customer requires it.

Diana Carolina Polania, Services Sales Maganer from Colombia and Ecuador, says Veeam is a manufacturer with special growth throughout the region.

“Westcon-Comstor is a specialized wholesaler that is characterized not only by distribution, but by the benefits at the level of knowledge. Nowadays, it is a certifying entity of the important technology brands worldwide, with highly certified local instructors who have not only theoretical experience but also in the field. That’s why we can achieve the best market prices in education, fully accessible to our customer line, “said Polania.

For his part, Renato Yamada, Sales Services Director of SOLA, said that nowadays there are more companies migrating their infrastructures and applications to the cloud or sharing between facilities on-premise and cloud.

That is why, Wetscon-Comstor Americas is positioned as the distributor responding to market demand, offering a model of services that distribute their channels within the education services.

He said that, “Factors such as certification and training are key components in business development. Thus we can detect the state of development in which a channel or partner is found to be able to enable it through training, knowledge and certifications. From here the importance of having an ATC that provides the necessary tools to generate the knowledge and skills that the current market demands.”

Yamada considered that having the Veeam ATC available in the region allows to expand capabilities with a vendor that today has a significant presence in the market.

Also commented that Westcon-Comstor Americas plays an important role in the training of the leading vendors of information technology, with a lot of focus on security solutions and IT solutions oriented to the data center market.