Wetscon-Comstor Solutions Services is support, education and training for it channels

Westcon-Comstor Solutions Services is a business unit designed to help your partners and manufacturers create value proposals for our customers .

The VP of services in Latam, Fernando Ayllón stressed that the aim of the company is to complement the channels to enhance their skills and capacities through the implementation of services, consultancy, support and training to enable them to reinforce and increase your portfolio.

As it distributors, they are focused on making a difference, providing the channels with engineering services a complement to the capabilities and solutions with technologies that have not yet decided to invest in the certification and qualification of their Engineers.

“This supplementary aid is always in” white mark “and therefore is an extension of its engineering services. In addition, when you decide to invest or expand your investment in the training of your engineers in this technology we give you the possibility to form and certify them by supporting us in our agreements of Authorized Training center, at which time we give a step back once they are totally self-sufficient in that technology where we had complemented them, “explained Ayllón.

Among the services that Westcon-Comstor offers can be mentioned:

Education services: Westcon-Comstor Academy has more than 20 years of experience, offers an unparalleled range of technical trainings, certificates and workshops tailored to the Customer Designed to train channel staff, customers and partners to expand their capabilities; thus enabling the channels and thus obtain the benefits that the manufacturer gives to increase their level of partnership, promotional rebates, marketing funds among others.

Professional services: They have engineers in the main brands that represent with the latest certifications, specializations and experience necessary to provide high level professional services, always supporting and complementing Resellers, without ever taking their place in front of the final customers.

Support Services: They have two support centers (Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires in cluster with Mexico) from where they offer support services, monitoring and management for most of the solutions of the brands they represent. With L1/L2 support and we handle the L3 scaling to the manufacturer when necessary.

Supply Chain: They offer services from our warehouses before delivering the devices to customers, such as: telephone provisions, data capture, bialment, quality Control, asset labelling, loading initial configurations, Kitting & Bundeling, Recycling, Forward Logistics Services, reverse logistics, collateral Marketing.

On the other hand, the VP said: “We believe that Westcon – Comstor as a distributor and as a punctual complement to their services (only and only when necessary) is an actor with the most appropriate profile to take another step in the relationship of trust with their channels in their neg Leisures. ”

Commented that in an IT business environment like the current one, where the solutions are Multivendor and Multimodel (On premise, Cloud, IoT, XaaS, etc) it is very difficult to be fully prepared and qualified in all these technologies and models, so that sometimes they are Necessary business partners that complement them, that offer them the highest quality for their clients and are totally harmless for the future of their businesses, that is to say that they can never compete.