With The Void, you will be a hero of the virtual hyper-reality


You put the visor of the helmet and immediately you become a rebel who faces soldiers of the empire or a monster of lava, while you go from one spacecraft to another.

The Android C3PO (or Citripio) invites you to type a code and your hands covered with a white armor thanks to the digital magic strive to obey. You cross the robot R2D2 (or Arturito) and you touch it. Your companions advance with you in this hyper-realistic digital labyrinth, also converted into intersideral spies.

And when a gun bullet goes over you, you feel a (small) electric shock.
The Void is a new form of “hyper-reality” entertainment that fuses movies into virtual realities, special effects, state-of-the-art technologies and physical sensations, produced with everyday tools and imagination.

In their local Anaheim, California, visitors wear a heavy-duty vest equipped with sensors and software, put on a helmet and enter “Secrets of the Empire”, all designed in partnership with Lucasfilm, parent company of “Star Wars” and Disney affiliate.

The Void’s experience involves “all senses, from sight to hearing through touch, even temperatures and smell,” says AFP John Kirkpatrick, director of marketing.

The adventure costs about $30, lasts about ten minutes and the visitors flow non-stop: About 500 per day, according to the directors of the Void.