Worldline plans to launch Google pay with technology based on its mobile payment platform


The subsidiary of Worldline, market leader in payment and transactional services, is supporting Commerzbank, a bank specializing in commercial banking, corporate and Investment, with technology based on its mobile payment platform for launching Google pay, Google’s mobile payment system.

Commerzbank credit card holders will be able to register their cards in Google Wallet and use them to pay for their purchases online, or in front of them, through NFC technology.

EquensWorldline’s mobile payment platform combines Visa and Mastercard tokenization services with its own card management and authorization system. In addition, it offers users various methods to activate their cards, including the MTAN procedure and the “push provisioning” for greater user convenience. The latest solution allows users to instantly add and manage one or more mobile banking cards.

Connection to Schema Tokenization services prepares the platform for other possible use cases for Commerzbank customers. For example, it allows users to add their digital payment card to other wallets or wearables, and other applications in the context of the Internet of things.

The mobile payment platform is certified by Visa and Mastercard and, along with its tokenization and Google Wallet Services, guides the customer in their card cardholder registration process. In addition, secure the authorization of payment transactions via smartphone. The management of the life cycle of the physical card and its digital version is produced in a coordinated way.

With the support of EquensWorldline, Commerzbank will be one of the first financial institutions in Germany to integrate Google Pay.

According to Marcelo Pérez Sammartino, manager of the Commercial services area for LATAM: “We are delighted to be able to contribute our technology, experience and knowledge to an important payment innovation for Commerzbank. I think it is a great opportunity to replicate this model in other countries like Argentina as we have laid the foundations for a modern digital payment experience for users who seek simplicity, speed and security in their transactions. “