Xiaomi Mi 8: Maximum autonomy and power

Although not yet released, the Xiaomi my 8 has already earned a position as one of the most interesting phones of 2018, so buyers are eager to try this new mobile with maximum autonomy and power.

The Xiaomi my 8 promises and much; A mix of the IPhone X and the Huawei P family, combining the best of each and forming a new smartphone that will hardly get to reach other brands. To all this, you have to add your own characteristics that make my 8 a jewel of the high range, at a mid-range price.

The counselor delegate of the company, Lei Jun, published a post in Weibo, the most famous social network in China, praising the battery of his flagship. And that is, if the data correspond to reality, it is not for less.

“The battery capacity of the Mi 8 is the best of the market, every night when I’m going to charge it I still have a thirty or forty percent available. I’ve been testing the smartphone battery without stopping, to see how long it lasted. Well, my mobile phone now has eighteen percent and estimates it can still be used for three more hours. I’ve already been using it for a day and eleven hours, “he posted in his account.