Yelp classifies hygienic conditions of restaurants


It will no longer be necessary to guess what you can expect when you arrive at a restaurant in terms of cleaning the place.

The restaurant reviews company announced that it would expand to all the United States the incorporation in its website, mobile site and mobile app the hygienic classification of all the restaurants that it has registered. Yelp has already included such information in more than 350.000 listings of restaurants in new York, California, Texas, Illinois and the country’s capital, but is now ready to be added nationwide.

According to the company, from 2013 they work with a company called HDScores, which obtains the classifications directly from the websites of the Department of Health of each locality. For example, cities like new York give you a letter, either “a”, “B” or “C”, to your more than 24.000 restaurants (the “a” being the highest rating), And these classifications are usually found on the local health department’s website as well as a poster in the restaurant entrance; Now, that qualification can also be found at Yelp.

The reviews site did not unveiled whether this information would also be available for listings that it has in other countries, such as Mexico, and whether it will also be found in Spanish. In response to a request for information, a spokesperson responded via email that they are working to translate all the information into all the languages used by Yelp.