You know the Google Yeti, a new game service in streaming

The reference to this Google Yeti is another step in the speculations of the Internet giant’s game streaming service, stimulated by recent hirings that include development talent, marketing and management of companies such as Sony, Microsoft and EA. At the March game developers Conference, Google reps met with several major video game companies to measure interest in their broadcast platform.

The details that have emerged so far speak of a threefold approach: 1) a transmission platform; 2) Some kind of hardware and 3) an attempt to attract developers under Google’s umbrella. The first thing is technically complicated, but feasible in one of the companies that has the most power in data centers and reach all over the world.

The second is simpler. A good peripheral (command, keyboard or mouse) created internally or supported by third companies, any of the big ones can have it. At this point, it is unknown whether Google would bet on a simple streamer (a Chromecast for games), a dedicated console-type machine or simply if it would be able to offer this service directly on a display screen or on a browser tab.

The third or the ability to attract developers who contribute content to the platform is a mystery. Google could solve it by means of aggressive recruitment, acquisitions of minor firms or agreements with large studies.

Another important point will have to come from the level of the connections. It is not so easy to use streaming in music or video than in videogames. Playing without any delay to a AAA triple play with a simple game controller and on a screen needs a huge power servers and a level of overwhelming connectivity to serve millions of people. Local Internet connections are also required in high-performance households in speed and quality.

In any case, very interesting this Google Yeti taking into account the forecasts of the streaming of games for the next decade and the revolution that can represent.