Your Phone: New Window 10 application that connects your mobile to your computer

Microsoft works in your phone, the new application of Windows 10 that allows to connect your mobile with the computer in a more narrow and very easy way.

What your phone does is offer the possibility to access the screen and some functions of the mobile phone through a window on the PC.

The application will be available for IOS and Android, although the features will be different depending on the terminal’s operating system. In general terms, its operation is as follows: Once you have linked your mobile phone with your phone application, you will be able to read and answer the text messages, consult the notifications that reach you to the device and access the photos, which can also be Easily copy to the PC.

With this movement, Microsoft intends to offer users a unified and centralized use experience, because it allows to control certain functions of the mobile and to access certain contents through the computer.