YouTube begins to adapt to the vertical videos for its web

YouTube reported that it will make changes to its platform, so that its users can watch the videos vertically.

As they echo from one of the YouTube support forums, the video platform par excellence has just received an update in its web version that allows the player to automatically adapt to provide the best playback experience Based on the size of the video (aspect ratio) and the size of the screen of our computer or the browser window.

In addition, as one of the users of the Forum commented, the videos in horizontal format are seen slightly larger than in the past. At the moment we do not know the geographic availability of the new update, because, despite the confirmation of the company, in the tests we have done in several browsers does not seem to be available. However, we shall remain attentive to any novelty.

Without a doubt, this is a most interesting movement on the part of the company, which proves to adapt to the trends.