YouTube launches stories for those with more than 10000 subscribers 

It has already been a year since YouTube launched its own version of stories, with the addition of a new short format video format called reels, renamed “YouTube Stories”.

It was initially available only to certain YouTube creators. But in June, YouTube said that later in the year it would expand the stories to all the creators with more than 10.000 subscribers and it is already a reality.

Now the platform is beginning to distribute stories to a wider group of creators, giving them access to new creation tools that include the ability to decorate videos with text, stickers, filters and more.

The function is very inspired by rival social applications like Snapchat and Instagram, except that, in the case of YouTube, the stories disappear after 7 days, not 24 hours.

It’s purpose is to offer the creators an easy way to interact with their fans among their most polished and produced videos. Today’s creators are no longer simply lighting a camera and recording vlog, but are creating professional content that requires editing and much work before publication, for the most part.

Stories allow YouTube creators to interact with fans between videos or while they are on the move, providing behind-the-scenes access to their creation process, upgrades, advances in upcoming videos and more.