Zendesk introduces new program for startups

Zendesk announced that qualified startups can access Zendesk Suite for a year free, giving these growing companies the ability to build the best customer experiences from the start.

In addition to Zendesk Suite, participating startups will receive guidance from a Zendesk product specialist to configure their software in the cloud. In addition, they will be able to attend personal or virtual counseling sessions at Zendesk headquarters in San Francisco (California).

“For a fast-growing startup, the experience a customer has with a company is critical to success,” said Kristen Durham, director of Zendesk for startups. “It’s easy to focus solely on product creation or sales presentation and forget that customers are where businesses become real. We are committed to helping startups to do things right from the start. “

With constantly changing consumer expectations, startups need to access a flexible and easy-to-implement technology that can scale with theirbusiness. Since introducing Zendesk’s free year forstartups in 2013, the company has helped thousands of companies like Rappi and Moni lente, which are transforming their industries by locating the customer experience in the center of the business.

Zendesk has also partnered with more than 250 accelerators, incubators and technology providers in Silicon Valley and around the world, including 500 startups, and Combinator, startup Chile, Startupbootcamp, TechStars to help startups grow and succeed. 

“Building and running a company requires doing a lot of things right at the same time, but connecting with our customers is at the top of that list,” said Álvaro de Juan, CEO of IVoy.

Zendesk has given us the possibility to have a good control of all the interactions we have with each client. By using your products for everything related to the customer experience we can consolidate reports and analyses more efficiently and thus understand the needs or problems of our customers and the efficiency of the attention team. In addition to being more effective at acquiring new customers, “shared Ian Faria, COO of iVoy.

A couple of months ago, Zendesk announced theacquisition of FutureSimple, the foundation’s creativecompany. Base is known for developing a software forsales force automation, which is modern and easy touse, Diseñadopara help sales teams to do their jobmore effectively. Zendesk will invest in continuous market growth and development of basic products, focusing on current customers and supplying productsfor small and fast-growing sales teams, and then expanding Yalcanzar larger organizations in the future.