ZTE presents its awardwinning and innovative technology at the CES 2018


ZTE Mobile Devices will exhibit its awardwinning product innovations, and will discuss the trends and innovations of smartphones at the CES 2018.The presence of ZTE at this event will demonstrate how the company is changing the mobile device industry.

Exhibition of the winning technology of the Innovation Award

A winning device of the CES Innovation Award will be on display: the folding ZTE Axon M smartphone, with dual screen technology.The Axon M transforms the mobile experience by providing the user with a real multitasking capabilities and unlimited potential in the way it connects with the world around it.By creating a new category of folding smartphones, CES attendees will be able to see how the Axon M offers a revolutionary experience for everyone. Along with the Axon M, ZTE will present the most recent developments for its Blade Series. Known for incorporating high-end technology at affordable prices, Blade devices around the world have been in high demand from consumers.

ZTE IoT innovative solutions will also be on display at the CES 2018.Visitors will be able to see how the technology developed by ZTE makes possible some of the most innovative connected devices in the market, from traceable luggage to connected car solutions and more.

Panel participation, professional basketball players and more

Jeff Yee, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy for ZTE Mobile Devices, will participate in a panel of speakers to talk about the smartphone industry and the new trends that have become the standards.The panel will be moderated by Ed Baig, a veteran technology columnist for the well known multi-platform news USA Today.During the panel Jeff Yee will go into the latest trends on smartphones.Developing on different topics such as flexible screens, facial recognition, and screens without bevel and buttons, among others.

In addition to the presentation of the leading technology in its stand. ZTE will have the presence of former professional basketball players, who will sign autographs for the fans next to the exhibition of the 2017 Championship Trophy won by the Golden StateWarriors. The team that the brand sponsors in the United States.